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Hurghada is situated in coastal area of Egypt and it is perhaps one of the most popular holiday destinations in Africa. It is located 530 km from Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Hurghada has 40 km long sandy coast, and it is famous for its coral reefs and numerous diving sites.

Although founded in the early twentieth century, Hurghada started with its development in 1980’s, when a large number of Arab, European and American investors began to invest in.

Hurghada is divided into three main parts - El Dahar, Sakala and New Marina. El Dahar is the old part of Hurghada and it is not particularly attractive for tourists. It represents lifestyle of ordinary Egyptians. El Dahar has a large number of  bazaars and small local shops. Sakala is a tourist part of town. New Marina is modern tourist resort and it is full of new luxury hotels, tourist bars, clubs and shopping malls.

Hurghada is the ideal place for active holidays - with a large number of available aquatic sports like skiing, scuba diving, hydro-aerobics and very vibrant nightlife with many clubs and dance stages.

Hurghada is a four season holiday destination. Rainfall is very rare and there are rainy days only during December and January. During July and August days are extremely hot.

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