Sharm el Sheikh - Travel Information

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt is one of the top holiday destinations in the Arab world. Sharm el Sheikh considers itself and indeed is the seaside resort in Sinai Peninsula. Its location is an incredible combination of desert and sea, which makes it an unique place on the Earth.
Sharm el Sheikh is one of the finest diving spots in the world. It is also popular among foreign tourists for local tours into the desert, which are an unforgettable experience. Shopping, nightlife, picturesque restaurants and bars are also something you shouldn’t miss in Sharm el Sheikh. Visitors love sunbathing on wonderful beaches of Sharm el Sheikh, but beware of too much exposure, as sun could be dangerous for your skin.
Sharm el Sheikh can be reached by plane, by boat and by car or bus. Sharm el Sheikh has its own airport - Sharm el Sheikh Airport, the largest in the Sinai Peninsula. There are daily flights from European cities which can be booked online.
Sharm el Sheikh is also called the City of Peace, referring to the large number of international peace conferences which have been hosted. Among Egyptians, its name is often shortened to Sharm.

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