Novi Sad - Travel Information

Novi Sad is a city of nearly half a million citizens and is the second largest city in Serbia. Novi Sad is known as Serbia’s Athens. It is the capital of Serbian province of Vojvodina. Novi Sad is 75km north of Belgrade, which is a one-hour drive on highway E 75. The city is also accessible via boat along the Danube or by train. It is situated on the Danube river between Budapest and Belgrade.
Although Novi Sad is a vital economic and administrative center of northern Serbia, life is specifically relaxed here. Unlike most metropolises in Europe, the pace here is slow and stress free. This relaxed atmosphere gives the city an intimate, elegant feel. The city centre is quite small and most of the interesting sights, bars and hotels are all within easy walking distance.
Novi Sad’s history dates back to the Bronze Age. The first settlements developed on the Danube’s right bank, the site of present day Petrovaradin Fortress. The city enjoyed the free royal city status bestowed upon it by Empress Marija Terezia in the 17th century. As a result, cultural, educational, artistic life flourished in Novi Sad.
Coinciding with a boom in the construction industry, the Serbian National Theatre was built here in the 18th century.
Novi Sad is also famous as a home of the EXIT music festival, which is internationally known summer music event.

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